Monday, April 23, 2012

let time slow

It's been a little blurry here lately.

I'm just snuggling my family as much as possible & spending a lot of down time.  I know now that it does no good to get up & fight through all of the fatigue, in fact it probably just hurts me.

Learning about Hashimoto's is like going to school to learn how to be a doctor.  There is so much to learn & it's the type of disease that you really need to get in tune with yourself & learn all about what is happening with your body or your never going to figure out how to get feeling better.  It's a complicated disease.  Nothing is cookie cutter or by the books and no two people are exactly alike.

& I'm trying to find balance with controlling everything that I possibly can with this disease vs having total trust & faith in God & what his plans are for me and where he wants to lead me with all of this.

I am not Hashimoto's.  I am God's eternal daughter.

I am not this body.. this flesh.

Turning fear into trust.  Allowing myself to trust God and give up the fight.

& so right now I slow down & dig deep while I cling tight to them... my beautiful family.

Terrorizing the dog 
She terrorizes the poor dog & tries to get him with the broom under the couch. Our Katie is a pretty wild and confident girl.
& I just want to feel better, but I can't right now because it takes time, & so for now I'll just let things
slow a little & breathe them in.

Beautiful bruised and dirty forehead.
& I'm faced with the decision to try & wean my little girl.  She is thriving while I am hardly surviving.  These are our last days of breastfeeding.  I need my full body back to concentrate on healing.

There are many naked days, and days just in PJ's for the little one.  But she trucks on, showing off her mad balancing skills.  All is good in her world. 

Overall, though I'm up and down right now with my health, I am okay.  



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Timber. I feel for you! I've been there and I have seen that it can get better. I had to wean my youngest before her time too in order to start my healing journey. She was only 2. That was 15 months ago and after I finished the detox she started asking for it again. She still nurses occasionally just to make sure she can, but the milk is long gone. I'm happy to give her that comfort though.
    Praying for your total and complete healing.

  2. Hey lady! I updated your link to this blog. Let me know if you'd like a new button for May. :)