Sunday, April 15, 2012


With a broken wing, she carries her dreams
with a broken wing, she carries her dreams. you ought to see her fly!
-martina mcbride

today we pulled on our cowgirl boots and visited the in-laws.

just hopped out of the shower and ran a brush through our hair and away we go!

She wants to wear her headband like this
the little girl wants to wear her headband across forehead. okay then! you go girl!

one of my in-law's doggies. a big huge Airedale.

& a little girl just smitten with her "gamma's bewdie".

today i ate:
::eggs, udi's gluten free bread, butter, bacon
::raspberry dark chocolate
::hummus and sea salt chips, hummus, pickle, orange, peanut butter larabar, hershey kiss
::mexican food take out- rice, beans, chicken, onion, green bell pepper, tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole
::a icy cold pepsi (rare treat)

yesterday i ate:
::kettle sea salt potato chips
::deli rotisserie chicken, hummus and sea salt potato chips, store bought smoked salmon dip
::grape juice
::raw carrot, mushroom, cucumber dipped in more smoked salmon dip
::steak, sauteed mushrooms and onions in butter

i ate a lot of junk this weekend. I got pain in my side again which hasn't happened in a long time but seems to always happen when i start eating poorly. but sometimes i just want to do it anyways.

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