Friday, May 11, 2012

goodbye grandma's

Wandering around the one place that has always been there {for me} since I've been alive.

Taking it all in.  Wandering around and re-living the memories of cousins playing dinosaurs in the trees, and thousands of just she and I time spent all over that property.

Special memories.

Easter egg hunts
Hiding from Grandpa while she smoked, just our little secret {snickers}
Picking her flowers of abundance
The pond that she built, always empty, never filled, Grandpa wouldn't let her
The big juicy blackberries, black stained hands, face, and smiles
Sitting outside and just talking and talking and talking

I loved my Grandma so very dearly.  Sadly for us here, she passed away several years ago and left us for greener pastures.  I miss her all of the time. 

And now it's time to say goodbye to the final piece of the tangible... well sort of.  I have a lot of her tangibles that are very special to me now in my own home, and even better, a ton of wonderful memories.

Goodbye sweet Grandmother's home.  We will miss you!

Saying goodbye to my Grammy's home forever.  (tear)

Pretty memories.




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