Friday, May 25, 2012

a lovely sunny day

With Mr. Lovely Sun high in the sky we made like bees {or was it like birds} to enjoy the day.

We are now the owners of my late Grandmother's old things:  wheelbarrow and garden tools.  I probably used to ride in this wheelbarrow when I was wee.

Granny's old wheelbarrow.  She wheeled me in this too when I was little. 

She loves to help with such gusto!

We're gardening. :) 

And with my hands in the ground, the mother, the dirt, I breath in the fresh air and I am okay.


And it's so good, that we head through the neighborhood to the park.


And while they play, I enjoy a freshly cracked open coconut, it's sweet water. 

Sunshine + fresh coconut water = :) 

 I found out more test results recently in regards to my health issues.  I have a bacterial infection and a yeast infection in my tummy that need treatment.  I also have very high cortisol all morning, day and night so my adrenals are over functioning and in risk of flat lining if we can't get the cortisol down. 

What does all of that jargon mean?  I have to take a lot more pills.


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